Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the design system public? #

Public documentation makes sharing and collaboration between different teams and third party vendors much easier as it increases the system’s visibility and accountability. This also makes us push towards higher quality content and enables us to be more transparent. Finally, this also serves as an amazing tool that we can leverage in recruiting.

What’s on the roadmap? #

See the Roadmap page for up to date plans.

What’s the meaning of “draft” badges? #

These badges indicate whether something is ready to be used in production. Orange (“Draft”) status means that it’s still under work and not ready to be used in production environment or design work.

What tools do you use? #

What packages do you offer? #

What’s your working culture? #

The following set of fundamental rules allows us to get to the highest level of productivity while benefiting both the company and our team members.

I couldn’t find an answer to my question #

See the Support guidelines for instructions on how to reach us.