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Web Components Draft

Presentational UI components with encapsulated styles that can be used with any JavaScript framework. When components are added, published, or deprecated, their their status is updated here.

Badge Draft

Badges are used to inform users of the status of an object or of an action that’s been taken. Commonly used in tabular data to indicate status.

Button Draft

Buttons are used for interface actions. Primary style should be used only once per view for main call-to-action.

Card Draft

Cards are shadowed surfaces that display content and actions on a single topic. They should be easy to scan for relevant and actionable information.

Select Draft

Select lets user choose one option from an options menu. Consider using select when you have 6 or more options.

Stack Draft

Stack component injects space between other components in the system. Use stack to create vertical or horizontal stack layouts.

Table Draft

Table is a lightweight and un-opinionated component for enhancing tabular data. It provides table styles in addition to features like sticky headers and support for narrow viewports.

Visually Hidden Draft

Visually Hidden is used when an element needs to be available to assistive technology, but be otherwise hidden.

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