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Tag groups are designed to bring together selectable tags that are of a similar nature. For example categories you can filter by.

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<nord-visually-hidden id="label">Category</nord-visually-hidden>
<nord-tag-group aria-labelledby="label">
  <nord-tag variant="selectable">Canine</nord-tag>
  <nord-tag variant="selectable">Feline</nord-tag>
  <nord-tag variant="selectable" checked>Rodents</nord-tag>



The style variant of the tag group.

"default" | "spaced""default"

The direction of the tag group.

"vertical" | "horizontal""horizontal"

Defines whether the tags are forced in a single line or can be flowed into multiple lines (only applied when variant is set to spaced).


The appropriate role for the containing element.



Slot nameDescription
Default slot

The tag group content

CSS Properties

CSS Custom Properties provide more fine grain control over component presentation. We advise utilizing existing properties on the component before using these.


Controls the rounded corners of the tag group, using border radius tokens. Only relevant for the default variant.


Controls the surrounding shadow, using box shadow tokens. Only relevant for the default variant.


Usage #

This section includes guidelines for designers and developers about the usage of this component in different contexts.

Do #

  • Use to group together selectable tags.
  • Use the appropriate role attribute on the tag group to provide additional semantics.
  • Use an aria-labelledby attribute referencing another element to best explain the contents of the tag group.

Don’t #

  • Don’t add components other than selectable tags and in some instances visually hidden components to the tag group.
  • Don’t skip the addition of an appropriate label if the added role attribute value calls for it.
  • Don’t use for building grid based layouts.

Content guidelines #

Tags should use short and clear labels for easy scanning. They should be concise and informative:

Has seizures
This dog has seizures often

When writing tag labels, always write them in sentence case, not title case. The first word should be capitalized and the rest lowercase (unless a proper noun):

Service dog
Service Dog

Avoid unnecessary words and articles in tag labels, such as “the”, “an” or “a”:

Service dog
A service dog

Variants #

This section describes the different component variants, their purpose, and when to use each variant.

defaultThe default variant renders a group of tags to emphasize that they’re thematically-related.
spacedThe spaced variant renders a gap between the tags to space them out evenly.


For integration guidelines, please see Web Components documentation. This documentation explains how to implement and use Nord Web Components across different technologies such as Vue.js, React, or Vanilla JavaScript.

Integration Guidelines


If you experience any issues while using Nord Web Components, please head over to the Support page for more guidelines and ways to contact us.

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