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Navigation item populates sidebar navigation with links. Every item should be placed inside a navigation group.

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<nord-nav-group style="max-inline-size: 220px">
  <nord-nav-item href="#">Dashboard</nord-nav-item>



Used for indicating the current page. This gives a prominent background to the nav item, and marks the item as the current page for assistive technology.


The name of an icon from Nordicons to display for the nav item.

string | undefinedundefined

The url the nav item should link to. Note: this is not used if you have nested navigation using the "subnav" slot.

string | undefinedundefined

Allows you to add a notification badge with a number next to the nav item.

string | undefinedundefined

When the nav items contains a subnav, controls whether the section is expanded or not. Note: this is only used if you have nested navigation using the "subnav" slot.




Dispatched whenever a nav item's state changes between open and closed.



Slot nameDescription
Default slot

The default slot used for the nav item's text.


Used for nesting navigation. When used the nav-item becomes a button to collapse the subnav, rather than a link.


Method nameParametersDescription
focus(options?: FocusOptions) => voidoptions: An object which controls aspects of the focusing process.

Programmatically move focus to the component.

blur() => voidN/A

Programmatically remove focus from the component.

click() => voidN/A

Programmatically simulates a click on the component.

Usage #

This section includes guidelines for designers and developers about the usage of this component in different contexts.

Do #

  • Group navigation items into navigation groups based on related categories.
  • Use group headings to clarify the category of a section.
  • Use icons for all top level navigation items.

Don’t #

  • Don’t use navigation item outside of navigation group and navigation components.

Content guidelines #

When writing navigation item labels, always write them in sentence case, not title case. The first word should be capitalized and the rest lowercase (unless a proper noun):

My tasks
My Tasks

Avoid unnecessary words and articles in item labels, such as “the”, “an” or “a”:

Change theme
Change the theme

Avoid ending item labels in punctuation:

Switch user
Switch user.

Use as few words as possible to describe each item label:

Payments in your clinic

Avoid all caps for item labels and group titles:



For integration guidelines, please see Web Components documentation. This documentation explains how to implement and use Nord Web Components across different technologies such as Vue.js, React, or Vanilla JavaScript.

Integration Guidelines


If you experience any issues while using Nord Web Components, please head over to the Support page for more guidelines and ways to contact us.

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