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Welcome to Nord! Nord is Nordhealth’s design system for products, digital experiences and brand. If you’re just getting started with designing or developing something, you’re in the right place.

Design guidelines #

Check out these practical guides to help you understand how to design for Nordhealth’s platforms using Nord Design System.

Nord Design Principles

Figma Toolkit

Nordhealth Brand

Color guidelines

Iconography guidelines

Grid guidelines

Typography guidelines

Theming guidelines

Design Tokens





Development packages #

Nord is a collection of reusable components and tools that are divided into nine packages. They can be used together or separately depending on your team’s needs.

Web Components

React Components

Vue Integration

CSS Framework



Design Tokens


Color Utilities

AG Grid Theme


Each package can be installed using Node Package Manager. To do so, run the following command(s) in your terminal:

# Design Tokens, CSS Framework, Themes, Nordicons, Webfonts:
# (For usage with any framework)
npm install @nordhealth/tokens
npm install @nordhealth/css
npm install @nordhealth/themes
npm install @nordhealth/icons
npm install @nordhealth/fonts
npm install @nordhealth/color
npm install @nordhealth/ag-theme-nord
# Web Components for HTML, Vue.js and Vanilla JS:
npm install @nordhealth/components
# React Components:
npm install @nordhealth/react
# Vue integration:
npm install @nordhealth/vue

For further installation and integration guidelines for each Nord Design System package, please see documentation linked above.

What’s new #

This section is updated regularly with new content to help you stay up to date with the latest releases and updates from the Nord team. We also have an RSS feed you can subscribe to.

Monthly updates

Latest releases (changelog)

Browser support #

Nord Design System is tested in the latest two versions of the following browsers. Our team addresses critical bug fixes in earlier versions based on their severity and impact. If you need to support IE11 or pre-Chromium Edge, this library isn’t for you.

Chrome Safari Chrome Chrome Chrome

Can I use Nord in my own project? #

Nord Design System is solely meant for building digital products and experiences for Nordhealth. Please see the terms of use for full license details.

Getting support #

If you experience any issues while getting started with any of Nord’s tools, please head over to the Support page for more guidelines and help.

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