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Nord’s backlog prioritization model helps us govern incoming feature requests from multiple sources such as product teams, sales, the QA team, and customer support.

Who creates the backlog? #

Our Product Manager is responsible for creating, prioritizing, and maintaining the Nord Design System’s backlog. Requests for backlog items come from various sources such as product teams, sales, the QA team, and customer support.

Who prioritizes the backlog? #

Product Manager prioritizes our backlog and defines the design system direction. We try to usually find a consensus among stakeholders with conflicting requests.

How do we prioritize the backlog? #

We start by deciding what features aren’t critical. Putting low-priority features aside allows us to spend the design system team’s valuable time on higher-priority features.

Once this is done, we utilize the Impact Effort Matrix seen below. Features that require the lowest effort for the highest impact go to the top of our backlog, and items that require greater effort but will have a low impact go to the bottom of the list.

Nord Design System Impact Effort Matrix

Getting support #

Have a question about how we prioritize features? Please head over to the Support page for more guidelines and ways to contact us.

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