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Nord Design System is a collection of reusable components and tools, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build digital products and experiences.

The goal of Nord Design System is to improve UI consistency and quality, while making our software design and development processes more efficient. Nord also helps to establish a common vocabulary between everyone in our organization and ease collabo­ration between different teams and disciplines.

Nord Design System has a core team of designers and developers inside Nordhealth who are dedicated to building and supporting the system. The core team includes Ariel Salminen, Eric Habich and Elwin van Eede.

Our documentation is public as it makes sharing and collaboration between different teams and third party vendors much easier as it increases the system’s visibility and accountability. This also makes us push towards higher quality and enables us to be more transparent. Finally, it also serves as an amazing tool that we can leverage in recruiting.

You can reach out to the team by heading over to our support page.

Nord Design System architecture overview

Nord Design System package architecture, read more from our blog.

How we work #

The following set of fundamental rules allows us to get to the highest level of productivity while benefiting both the company and our team members.

Our goals #

Nord goals

Efficiency #

Improved work efficiency for designers and developers.

Consistency #

Improved user interface consistency and quality.

Openness #

Improved communication between teams and people.

Standards #

Shared guidelines and standards through documentation.

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