May, 2021

You’re reading the second Nord Design System monthly update. Since February, we’ve been busy rethinking our design processes and brand identity that was launched a few weeks ago.

During the past months our team has been busy rethinking our brand identity from the ground up. We wanted to go through this effort to mirror the growth and transformation of our company into the leading cloud-based provider of healthcare and veterinary software. As a result, “Three Plus Group” and “Finnish Net Solutions” now have a new name and corporate identity and are now all called Nordhealth.

Our new logo represents “togetherness.” Two sides working as one. So, on a business level, it represents a key driver for us, acquisition. For our customers and end users, it expresses the seamless use of our products to improve productivity and communication. We bring healthcare professionals closer to their patients. Our new logo also defines how our teams work as a strong unshakable unit. On a deeper level, the logo also illustrates a bigger idea, change and innovation in the global healthcare market.

This rebranding is a start of a bigger design transformation at Nordhealth. Our plan isn’t to merely rethink the corporate brand. The goal is to continue this work and rethink our design processes and digital products from the ground up and improve their user experience and user interfaces vastly.

This is where Nord Design System steps in. Nord is our platform for driving the design transformation.

New Nordhealth brand

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Until the next time!
— Ariel

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