Nord Slack theme generator

Copy theme

How to customize your Slack theme

  1. Select a theme using the Theme option above.
  2. Use the Copy theme button to copy the colors to your clipboard.
  3. In Slack, click on your profile picture in the top right.
  4. Select Preferences and then click Themes.
  5. Select a light or dark theme depending on your selected theme.
  6. Below Colors, click the Create a custom theme button.
  7. Paste the colors in your clipboard into the revealed text box.
Color token n_color_nav_surfaceColor token n_color_nav_surfaceColor token n_color_accentColor token n_color_text_on_accentColor token n_color_nav_hoverColor token n_color_textColor token n_color_text_successColor token n_color_status_highlightColor token n_color_nav_surfaceColor token n_color_nav_heading