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Mark all as readAriel Salminen arrived to clinic with Pixie cat. Just now at Nord ClinicNew feature available! We’ve introduced a quick way to navigate between app views, actions, and more using a new command menu. 12 minutes agoNina Hallikainen arrived to clinic with Durante dog. 20 minutes ago at Nord ClinicDavid Darnes arrived to clinic with Norfryd cat. 2 hours ago at Nord ClinicNick Williams arrived to clinic with Moog cat. 2 hours ago at Nord ClinicEric Habich arrived to clinic with Zero cat. 4 hours ago at Nord ClinicElvin van Eede arrived to clinic with Amoeba cat. 12 hours ago at Nord ClinicSee all notifications
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Create taskMake sure to ask details from John regarding yesterday’s patient who arrived late. Finish by Wednesday, March 8Import new patients from Ocean Beach Clinic into the system. Finish by Thursday, March 9Call David and ask about his cat’s wellbeing. Finish by Thursday, March 9Call Anne and reschedule their visit. Finish by Friday, March 10See all tasks
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